| Major Announcement |

Please know that, when I say this, I am unbelievably angry but I can't do anything about this,

- -

- -

The server IP has changed and I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I can't revert the change, as a backup simply won't fix this:

- I have found the issue and no matter what I do, this cannot be changed -

Heck, it's not even an issue. I hope to StarClan this won't happen again, and if it does, I will do something about it.

Due to this, the new IP is as follows:

 Please try to "spread the word" as much as possible.


April Competition Results & Reset Announcement

Hiya, everyone! I really hope you enjoyed working on this competition as much as I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful entries! We don't have long until the reset, so let's make this last competition of the generation count! 

| Competition Results |

This has been an amazing competition and certainly a very difficult one to judge! It took me a few hours to come to a decision on the winners, so let's get into it without any further delay,

In first place, we have Vixenstar of ThunderClan! The artwork that you submitted was amazing and definitely deserved first place! I love how you included as many ThunderClan cats as possible within your entry. Congratulations, and well done on winning first place, Vixen! Your prizes are; A 40% off discount code to the Dawn To Dusk store - section of your choice, four stacks of prey and an included water source in your camp until the generation ends, the privlege of choosing your prefix before any other and a custom "Clan Pet" of your choice, which will last and stay in your camp until the end of the generation! Congratulations, again!

In second place, we have Featherwish of ShadowClan! The animation that was included as excellent work! It's great to see an animation as an entry every once in the while, and yours definitely deserved a place among the winners! Congratulations to Featherwish! Your prizes are; A 20% off discount code to the Dawn To Dusk store - section of your choice, two stacks of prey and an included water source in your camp until the generation ends and a free medicine cat brewery pack! Congratulations, you deserve it!

In third place, we have Petalmist of RiverClan! I would've never thought of using real-life figurines to make into your Clanmates! This idea was so, especially creative and also deserves a place among the winners! Your entry was indeed, very creative! Congratulations on third place, Petalmist! Your prizes are; A 10% off discount code to the Dawn To Dusk store - section of your choice. You also receive one stack of prey and two water bottles. Congratulations!

Thank you all to that entered, it was so difficult to choose! I hope just as many, or perhaps more, of you enter for our next competition! 

| Reset |

The reset is merely days away! If you haven't had access to the announcement just yet, we're resetting into Generation Six on the 5th May 2018 at 3pm EST! (8pm GMT). This means all players will be reset with new names & into new Clans! Anyone else excited, or just me? :D

It's been a wonderful generation with all of you and I can't wait to make more memories in the generation upcoming. Thank you all!


April Competition & Sale

Almost ten moons have now passed since we last reset into Generation Five. However, soon, it will be time for us all to reset once again into Generation Six! The time is nearing with every passing day, how will your character see their last days of this generation? Also, happy Easter and happy Spring to all! The flowers are starting to bloom, the trees blossoming and the winter wind warming with every moment. I hope you all have a lovely Spring, I know I will!

| April Competition |

As said above, it's almost time for us to reset into our new generation, our new roleplay characters and new Clans! So what better way to celebrate this than to remember all of the memories that we've made with our generation five characters? I wish you all good luck with this competition, but most importantly, remember to have fun!

- = - What do we have to do? - = -

You must create a poster, drawing (traditional or digital) or short story based on your character's life from this generation. Who were the cats you met? Did you make any new friends? What did you achieve? All of these questions are important. If you're one of the newer cats to our community, then don't worry, you may create a drawing, short story or poster of how you wanted your character to turn out, or the backstory of your OC, if you had more time to enjoy the generation. Animations are also accepted! Good luck to everyone that decides to enter, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

- = - Rules - = -

- Please use only one sheet of paper / one page for your artwork / entry. This rule doesn't apply to those that are writing a short story or creating an animation, however you cannot submit multiple entries.

- Do not use drawings found online, or that you did not draw. If you do decide to draw something, which isn't a requirement, then you or a friend from Dawn To Dusk must create it.

- You're allowed to work with however many people for this competition. However, the prizes, excluding any name regarding prizes, will be split evenly between all users, even if the prizes are donation store coupons or discount codes.

- Please don't post your completed entry anywhere other than the correct forum thread until the competition has ended. You may post speedpaints on your profile, but no unfinished or finished work. Please also remember not to comment on other people's work until the competition has ended. 

- The characters that you draw or write on must be from Dawn To Dusk! If you wish to include backstory or background characters, that's fine, however the main character must be an existing character from our community. 

- = - Where do we upload? - = -

You can upload your completed entry in this forum thread, here! Please make sure you read and understand all rules before uploading, as you may be disqualified if you do not. 

- = - How long do we have to do this? - = -

The competition will end on May 1st, which gives you a total of 30 days, an entire month, to complete your entry. 

- = - Prizes - = -

Please remember that all prizes will be split between users if they assisted with your entry. This does not include name regarding prizes.

First Place Prize: The first winner will receive a 40% off (of a certain section, example, "Other" or "Ranks") of the user's choice discount code to the Dawn To Dusk donation store. The winner(s) will also receive four stacks of prey, a water source in their camp until the end of the generation and first pick ((before high-ranks or leaders)) of their next generation prefix. Finally, the first place winner will receive a custom "Clan Pet" for the remainder of the generation, which will be a custom mob, named by the winner or their Clanmates.

Second Place Prize: The second winner will receive a 20% off (of a certain section, example, "Other" or "Ranks") of the user's choice discount code to the Dawn To Dusk donation store. The winner(s) will also receive two stacks of prey, a water source in their camp until the end of the generation and a med-cat brewery pack.

Third Place Prize: The third winner will receive a 10% off (of a certain section, example, "Other" or "Ranks) to the user's choice discount code to the Dawn To Dusk donation store. The winner(s) will also receive 1 stack of prey and two water bottles.

I wish everyone good luck! I can't wait to see your beautiful entries! Have fun with our last competition of Generation Five!

If anyone has any questions regarding the competition or prizes, please ask Spiritstorm (SpiritTheLoner / myself)!

| April Sale |

Since it's Easter & April, we'll be having a large sale for the remainder of the day! 50% off all items / ranks of the Donation Store! I'd also like to remind everyone that the Ancestor Ranks (StarClan & Dark Forest) will be going off sale after today until June! Make sure you get a rank before they go, if you want to have a look around the map, or have your character death! Have fun with the sale, everyone!

[TC] Mosspawww you said that it's getting warmer it snowed today /you lied to me/

December Competition Results!

The month has passed very quickly, and it's that time of year once again! This is the last competition of 2017, and I expect we're all anticipating, or excited, for the new year to come around! What are your hopes for 2018? What do you wish to acomplish in the year ahead? Anyways, let's get on with the competition resuls! It's been a very difficult decision, but I believe I've finally been able to find a true winner!

In first place, we have... Specklesong (Steelslayer) of WindClan! I thought the layout and creativity of your entry was amazing, and beautiful in the least! It's great to see people put a lot of effort into their entry, and I could see it in yours especially. You definitely deserve the first place prize of, "6 stacks of prey, 3 stacks of catmint, +3 Enjin points and custom claws for all of the cats that you included in your entry!" Well done! I'm sure your friends and Clanmates will be very pleased~!

In second place, we have... Duskpaw (Sombrashadow) of WindClan! I loved the fun, light feeling that your entry had! It was very well drawn, and the colours were used greatly! I believe it's quite a unique entry, and definitely deserves a place in the top three! Well done on getting second place, Duskpaw! Your prize is, "3 stacks of prey, 2 stacks of catmint and +2 Enjin points!" Congratulations!

In third place, we have... Silvertooth (TrashieMoth) of ShadowClan! As said before, it's great to see people put a lot of effort into their entries! I loved how you used cotton for the snow, I believe it worked very well! Your entry definitely should be in the top three, as well! Well done on earning third place! Your prize is, "2 stacks of prey, 1 stack of catmint and +1 Enjin point!" I suspect your Clanmates will also be very pleased, congratulations!

So there we have it, everyone! The final competition winners of 2017. It's been an amazing year, and I'm sure that 2018 will be even better! Especially with more competitions, more prizes, and more fun! All of the entries were amazing, and I wish I could've chosen a few others! It was great to see all of the entries!


December Competition!

It's that time of year again! Christmas time! Today is the 1st of December, which means it's the time to start getting festive with all of our Christmas cakes, decorations, presents.. and of course, competitions! Who can forget about those wonderful Christmas competitions on Dawn To Dusk? ;D Good luck to all, and to all a good season~!

Competiton Theme: Friendship Winter Wonderland!

What you have to do:

You must create a Winter Wonderland! We did a similar Christmas themed competition like this one last December, however, there's a twist to this one! In your Winter Wonderlands, you must include:
- A minimum of three characters (cat characters!), one of you and two or more others of your close friends on Dawn To Dusk! You don't have to do just two, you can do as many as you wish! (Make sure to specify who the characters are and why they're your close friends in your paragraph)
- A Christmas, or Winter theme!
- An object, item or symbol that relates to Christmas that means a lot to you! You must also explain in a small paragraph what this is, and why it means so much to you! (Must be Christmas / Winter themed~)
You can be as creative as you wish to be! You could create a beautiful, frozen land of ice and snow, or a fun, candy-cane-tree filled land with a gingerbread house! Be as creative and as free as you wish to be, just make sure you include those above!
You may do this however you wish! You may draw this traditionally or digitally, you may use cardboard, paper or clay to model it out (You get extra points for doing something IRL!), just be as creative as you can be!


- Use only one sheet of paper / One image for your final, Winter Wonderland entry!

- Do not copy, paste or cheat by using work that isn't yours!

- You cannot work together for this competition!

- Do not comment on anyone else's entry until the winners have been announced and the competition has ended! You may comment as much as you like afterwards!

- Do not post your finished entry anywhere other than the correct forum section until the winners have been announced and the competition has ended! 

- You must draw everything! It can be traditional or not (or creating something IRL!), but you cannot use photoshop or copy / paste cat images from google and edit them like that.

- The characters that you choose must be from Dawn To Dusk!

Where you upload:

A forum thread can be found here! Upload your competition entry here, and make sure to abide by the rules while you do so!

How long you have to do this:

Start Date: 1st December 2017

(You have until Christmas Eve!)

End Date: 24th December 2017


1st Place Prize: Custom Claws for all of the characters included in the image, 6 Stacks of prey, 3 stacks of Catmint and +3 points to the user!

2nd Place Prize: 3 Stacks of prey, 2 stacks of Catmint and +2 points to the user!

3rd Place Prize: 2 Stacks of Prey, 1 stack of Catmint and +1 point to the user!

I wish you a very merry 'Good luck'! Results will be posted on Christmas Eve~! Good luck to all of you, and I can't wait to see all of your fantasic Winter entries!

I will be juding on: Creativity, Uniqueness and Effort!

~Spiritstorm / SpiritTheLoner

[TC] Isabelle516 I have a quick question. Can the thing inside the picture also be themed off of Hanukkah? Not everyone celebrates Christ...
[RC] Sparrowkit of RC Crow Oooo! Good luck guys! Wish I could draw as good as all of you... :(
[WC] Steelslayer o
Steelslayer @ Dawn to Dusk
Quick Question... do they have to be current characters or could they be a mix of current and past?
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