Competition Results + Reset!

It's time for the competition results! I wonder who will be winning that very special first place prize? :D Not only that, we have a reset coming up later today as many of you will know! I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I, and many others, are! Good luck in your new Clans and lives! :D Let's get onto the results!

It was very difficult to decide who should win the special prize, but I believe I have judged truthfully enough to find a winner! Here they are!

In first place we have.. Yogibo with the Egyptian Mau! I loved your choice of cat breed, the way you put your information out was amazing, and all in all it was a great inform poster! Congratulations on winning the special prize! Please private message me so we may discuss details on your first place prize!

In second place we have... IvyThePancake with the Persian! Good choice of cat breed, as they can be very interesting and quite difficult to find information about at the same time! Well done! Your prize is a 50% off any-item coupon for the donation store! (No time limit)

In third place we have... Larkthorn with the Maine Coon! Also an excellent choice! Well done for winning third place, I loved the art that you used, and the shades of the text that were used to title the information! Your prize is a 10% off any-item coupon for the donation store! (No time limit)

Now for those extra prizes and awards that I must give out to you amazing winners!

'Most Creative Poster' Award goes to IvyThePancake!

'Most Interesting Facts' Award goes to Darram!

'Most Interesting Choice Of Breed' Goes to Steelslayer with the Korat!

Well done to everyone that entered! It was very difficult to determine a winner out of all the amazing entries that I had to look through! Good luck to everyone on the next competition, whenever that may be!

The Reset!

As many of you know, Dawn To Dusk is about to have a reset tonight! All I'd like to say is good luck in your new Clans, and I hope you have a very happy time with Dawn To Dusk! Thank you!

Dawn To Dusk IP:

Dawn To Dusk Version: 1.8 (Currently)

[WC] Yogibo-Ambersky o Well done everyone! :d

| Cat Poster Competition! |

It's been quite a while since we've had a competition, so let's make the most of this one! I hope you're all as excited as I am for this competition! You can find information about the first place prize here! Let's get into it, shall we? :D

What you have to do:

You must design an information sheet, or a poster, on a breed / type of cat! You can do this digitally or in real life, however no extra points will be given for doing it in an exotic way- we're not judging on creativity this time! - You must select a breed of cat, for example; A British Shorthair, then you must create an information sheet or poster based on that breed. Using pictures, or drawing the cat yourself, is highly encouraged for more points. Make it look as nice as possible, but make sure the information you use is your main focus! If you're unsure about all different kinds of cat breeds, don't worry, you can use this website here!


- Use only one sheet of paper / one page's worth for your poster / information sheet! No more than one.

- No moggies! Having a 'Tabby' or a 'Ginger' cat as your cat breed does not count! The cat must have a proper breed to be valid!

- Do not copy & paste txt from google, websites, books, anything! Put everything into your own words- I'll know if you cheat!

- No make-believe or mythical / magical cat breeds, real and existing ones only!

- Do not work together! You must work on your own for this unless you wish to work with your family members! (All family are allowed to assist, help and encourage you!)

- Do not comment on anyone else's entry until the winners have been announced and the competition has ended! You may comment as much as you like afterwards!

- Do not post your finished entry anywhere other than the correct forum section until the winners have been announced and the competition has ended! 

Where you upload:

A forum thread / forum can be found here! You may include a short paragraph along with your information sheet, explaining why you chose that breed, if you wish! (Optional)

How long you have to do this:

Start Date: 8th July 2017

~{You have three weeks to complete your entry!}~

Due Date: 29th July 2017


First Place Prize: The 'Big Surprise!' (Information can be found on my Enjin wall: here)

Second Place Prize: 50% OFF any item in the donation store, never-ending Coupon!

Third Place Prize: 10% OFF Any item in the donation store, never-ending Coupon!

Bonus Prizes / Awards:

'Most Creative Poster' Enjin Trophy / Badge!

'Most Interesting Facts' Enjin Trophy / Badge!

'Most Interesting Choice Of Breed' Enjin Trophy / Badge!

Good luck to everyone that enters! If you wish for more information on the first place prize, you can find it on my Enjin wall here!

Good luck, have fun, and get working!

- Spiritstorm / SpiritTheLoner

Disclaimer: Art used, not mine. Rights go to

[WC] OzzieKitty Is this solely domestic or could we do a small wild breed like the sand cat?
[Senior] Mosspawww I'm gonna fail :d
[RC] Woagvenderping
Woagvenderping @ Dawn to Dusk
Good luck everyone!

Dawn To Dusk One Year Anniversary!

Woah! It's been one year already? It doesn't feel like more than two weeks ago when we were just starting this server, and look how far we've come since! I'm so proud to know you all, and to run this server with you all! Thank you so, so much! <3 <3 <3 It has been a complete and utter honour to be with you all this year! Now, we can make it even better by having another year! <3

Sale! What better way to celebrate an anniversary with a sale? 50% off all items in the donation store! This sale is running for today only, so make sure to keep an eye out on things! <3

/Warp Party! There is now a warp available to all users (excluding new-cats) for the day only! /warp party is the perfect, creative-world-fun! Remember though! No innapropriate builds, figures, statues, signs, anything of the sort! I have my eyes on all of yah! *Evil laugh* <3

Leaders Lives! Leaders live counts do not count for the day only! This means that the leaders can die as much as they want, pretty much! Lucky leaders! <3

/Spawn! The /spawn command is now available to all users for the day only! This allows you to get back to your camp, or specifically the territories world! <3

Your friend,

Spiritstorm / SpiritTheLoner

[TC] FalconFrost o Happy Anniversary! It's seems only like two weeks ago ^ I had joined and made friends!
[RC] Woagvenderping
Woagvenderping @ Dawn to Dusk
Nuuuuu I missed it ;-;

May Updates / Future Updates!

'Been quite a while since I've made a post like this, I suppose! Anyways, here are the May and/or future updates that are, or will be, coming to Dawn To Dusk! I hope you enjoy. If you're a little confused by one of these updates, or have any questions, always feel free to ask down in the comments. I'll be sure to see, and to answer as quickly as possible!

Announcements / Reminders / Notices

Before we start with the updates, let me just give you a few reminders of sorts, for the upcoming events Dawn To Dusk will have:

Medicine Cat Gathering: 19th May 2017

Dawn To Dusk Anniversary: 1st June 2017 [All-Day Event]

Discord Call: 3rd June 2017

LionClan2: 9th June 2017

TigerClan2: 10th June 2017

LeopardClan2: 11th June 2017

Times/Dates/Other information can be found here! <-

Dawn To Dusk YouTube Channel!

As many of you may know, Dawn To Dusk does have an official YouTube channel where content used to be posted. However, as the months went on, this cannel sadly became inactive and, well, to put it simply; it wasn't used. However, this will be changing! I have a few things up my sleeve in store for the Channel, and I hope you guys can be as excited as I am to see how they turn out! If you're new-ish, or don't know where to find the YouTube channel, don't worry! You can find it right here! <-

Dawn To Dusk Anniversary

Most of you kitties probably know this by now, but Dawn To Dusk is having it's one-year anniversary on the 1st June 2017! (14 days exactly from when this was posted.) Whoop! It's amazing, and crazy, to think how long Dawn To Dusk has been going! And one year?! Wow! Thank you all, so, so much! Anyways; to celebreate the 1 year anniversary, a few things will be happening on the day, and only on that day, to celebrate! Listed below:

- Leaders live counts will not be affected by deaths.
- *Huge* Sale!
- Possible YouTube anniversary video [Possible]
- /Warp Party (A creative world) open to all players, all day.
- /Warp Wild (A survival world) open to all players, all day.
- Senior Members (As listed on the website) will get a chance to see the very first map once more. (A warp to it)
- /Spawn will return (for the day only, of course.)

*Excited squeal*

Upcoming, possible, events!

These events may or may not be happening, so don't get your hopes up too much yet! However, it's very possible that they will be happening, so keep an eye out, and offer some feedback or suggestion in this forum here! <-

'All Day Role Play Day' - This would basically be a server-wide event, where a *something* would happen, that would involve all four Clans (and loners/rogues/etc) in a 'role-play' style mission of sorts. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. ;)

'Senior Day' - This 'day' of sorts, would be about; you guessed it, the seniors / elders of Dawn To Dusk! (Senior members as listed on the website). A lot of the newer members of the server need to hear their stories, heck, they may even learn something! :P

'Creative Day' - All day creative world day (with a warp enabled + /spawn enabled for the day only.) Just for some fun, but this would only occur for certain themes/times!

Any questions, thoughts, or suggestions? Feel free to post them!

That's all for now!

Your friend,

Spiritstorm / SpiritTheLoner

[RC] Woagvenderping
Woagvenderping @ Dawn to Dusk
[RC] ShellkitSC is the RP Day also including star clan somehow?

One-Day Rank Sale!

Just like the title says, this sale is only on for today, and today only! So make sure to not miss out!

30% off all Ranks + 'FULL RESET' pack! This sale ends TONIGHT! This sale only applies to Ranks and the 'FULL RESET' pack! Make sure you don't miss out!

Reminders / Notices:

Gathering! - Wednesday (10th May 2017)

Creative Clans! - Friday/Saturday/Sunday (12th/13th/14th May 2017)

Make sure to reply to this forum post to get your voice heard! Changes are coming to Dawn To Dusk, and you need to be apart of them!

Forum post: -Link-

That's all for now! Thank you for being apart of this community!

Your friend,

Spiritstorm / SpiritTheLoner.

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